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Red Dwarf

The adventures of the last human alive and his friends, stranded three million years into deep space on the mining ship Red Dwarf.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1988

IMDb: 8.1

Season 12 - Red Dwarf
"With the aid of a Quantum Skipper, Rimmer leaves the Red Dwarf to travel the multiverse in search of a dimension where he isn't such a loser."
"A long overdue software update spells trouble for the crew when they discover that the Jupiter Mining Corp has been sold!"
"The machines of Red Dwarf go on strike. Kryten and Rimmer campaign against each other for their votes in an election to represent them."
"The boys from the Dwarf discover a ship where all forms of criticism are illegal."
"A ship full of rogue androids who broke their programming want to help Kryten do the same. The M.I.L.F can only spell trouble for the remainder of the crew."
"The crew stumble on a science centre where vile historical figures have been 'cured' of evil."
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