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Monarch of the Glen

Archie MacDonald, a young restaurateur is called back to his childhood home of Glenbogle where he is told he is the new Laird of Glenbogle.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2000

IMDb: 7.1

Season 7 - Monarch of the Glen
"Emotions are running high. The bank can no longer wait for Glenbogle to pay off their debt, forcing Paul to sell the estate. Then, a wealthy stranger comes to buy the estate forcing the family to face their futures without Glenbogle. Meanwhile, Molly must decide between Golly and Killwillie, Donald must face up to his future, alone, Paul must confront his true feelings for Iona and Golly must confront his true feelings for Molly. All of this comes to a head, and a surprising visitor from the past lends a helping hand."
"Iona’s past comes back to haunt her when former fiancé, Dr Malcolm McRae, comes to Glenbogle after a tree blight threatens the estates’ forest. Paul calls upon the expertise of tree specialist Malcolm but his positive first impressions quickly change after he discovers the spirited expert had a whirlwind romance with Iona, jilting her ahead of their wedding. Iona insists she no longer loves Malcolm and Paul decides to test her emotions by inviting them both for dinner to Glenbogle. Jess is overworked and undervalued by Golly who is busy with baby Cameron.To add insult to injury, local ghillie Robbie Rintoul snubs her as an entrant for the Annual Highland Challenge, a gruelling test of strength and endurance for local ghillies. Robbie scorns the idea that Jess could be a worthy contestant against the male ghillies but, not to be outdone, Jess decides to enrol, using Molly as her personal trainer. Amy panics after realising she hasn’t prepared properly for her looming art college interview. Molly enlists the help of local artist Danny as Amy’s tutor, stirring Ewan’s jealousy. As the tree disease looms, Malcolm urges Paul to fell the forest immediately. Knowing it will take years to replace the lost trees, Paul is reluctant. Determined to make good of a bad situation, he must find a local sawmill who can turn the wood into profitable timber. Malcolm confides in Paul that he wants to rekindle his romance with Iona. Paul knows he must now reveal his true feelings for Iona or risk losing her for ever to Malcolm."
"Life in Glenbogle may never be the same again after Amy and Ewan make a startling discovery – a loch monster. Amy accidentally takes a photo of what appears to be a pre-historic water horse emerging from the depths of the water but while Ewan is quick to spot the commercial advantage of a Loch Bogle monster, Paul is sceptical about the apparition. He’s got bigger worries on his mind – money, or rather the lack of it. Marine biologists Dr Simon Cotter and his assistant, Bill, arrive to investigate the creature but Jess and Golly are worried the research will disturb the estate’s wildlife. Simon and Bill’s enthusiasm for the Loch Bogle monster proves infectious but Jess appears constantly irked by Bill. However, Molly spots potential in their relationship and uses reverse psychology to make Jess realise her true feelings for the charming researcher. Meanwhile, Ewan discovers he has a real flair for business and cashes in on Glenbogle’s new-found notoriety,much to Paul’s disapproval. But Paul’s financial woes are overshadowed by his hidden emotions for Iona.Work on her croft is nearing an end and soon Iona will leave the big house. In a vain attempt to delay her departure, Paul inspects the croft, coming up with non-existent faults. Elsewhere, Bill and Simon seem to have made a monumental breakthrough in their research but Iona grows suspicious of their findings and endeavours to uncover the truth."
"Paul’s dreams to turn Glenbogle into a luxury retreat are tested to the limit when a demanding potential investor and his spoiled wife come to stay, as the feel-good Highland drama continues. The family are less than supportive of Paul’s money-making idea but he insists this is a make-or-break venture – all he needs to do now is convince wealthy former Russian cosmonaut Viktor Zinchenko and his wife, Catriona. The rich couple arrive at Glenbogle, bringing with them their pet panther,Yuri, and a list of demands for the MacDonald family. Paul pulls out all the stops to make it a wonderful weekend for his important guests but things go awry after Golly is injured. While Molly becomes nursemaid to Golly, Jess is left to take her father’s place as ghillie on the all-important deer stalk. However, she inadvertently falls foul of Viktor’s unreasonable demands and the day ends in disaster. Golly finds it difficult being cared for by Molly, the women he has spent his life serving. Exasperated with her awkward patient, Molly walks out but is faced with more woes after Iona reveals Paul’s"
"Paul's teenage goddaughter, Amy McDougal, turns up unexpectedly at Glenbogle, and chaos quickly follows. Paul is overjoyed to see Amy but, before they have time to get reacquainted, Golly has important news for the laird - Tam the poacher is back in the village. Claiming to be a reformed character, Tam lays claim to his late mother's croft, knowing that Paul can't ignore his rights. However, Tam has revenge on his mind - he blames the MacDonald family for his stint in jail and sets about maliciously disrupting estate business. Kilwillie returns from New York with push PA, Edith, in tow. While Kilwillie is delighted to see his dear friend Molly again, Edith is entirely underwhelmed. Molly suspects Edith may be a gold-digger and quickly discovers she has her sights firmly set on Kilwillie. Unaware that Amy has become a disruptive influence in the house, Paul also fails to realise his goddaughter is hiding the truth from him. Smitten by the new arrival, Ewan happily covers up Amy's mess but his jealous girlfriend, Zoe, is unimpressed. While her croft is being rebuilt, Iona moves into the big house but is ill at ease in her new grandiose surroundings. Paul is more than a little taken with his house guest and grows closer to Iona after they join forces against Tam. Could love be blossoming in Glenbogle? As Tam disrupts the first lucrative fishing party of the season, Paul and Golly realise that they need to find a way to stop him - and fast."
"Paul can't pay for the repairs to his tenants' crofts and clashes with beautiful Iona, their new chairperson. Golly has to decide whether he is able to look after his baby boy on his own. Donald and Molly urgently need to repay a gambling debt, while Ewan tries to take demanding girlfriend Zoe on holiday"
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